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About the wedding…

Spain-stunning nature, architecture and culture! Perhaps the most wedding country in Europe. Photography Spanish wedding-it’s always a lot of emotional shots and beautiful scenery!


Morning passed in Castello di Rosciano. As a wedding photographer, I can say with confidence that photography in the morning is a very important stage of the wedding day. Photographing the groom’s fees and photographing the bride’s fees gives the wedding photographer and videographer a great opportunity to remove all the details, take pictures of emotions and experiences of the beginning of the day. In this photo shoot in the morning began with the groom’s fees. In addition to the groom in the room were the Pope and the witness – the man’s company. We love when there are relatives and friends at the training camp and they participate in a photo shoot!


The name of the bride and groom on the rings!

Catholic wedding

The wedding took place in Tempio di Sant’angelo – an ancient Catholic Church. Interestingly, the temple has an unusual round shape, and the Central space is separated by columns. High vaulted ceiling, the perimeter Windows are located-so that the lighting of the temple comes from the center. I have many times had the opportunity to take pictures of Catholic weddings in Spain, and each time it is very interesting professionally and creatively!

I want to tell you about how I shoot weddings. For me, this is a very important stage of the wedding day. Wedding photography requires specific skills and is much more difficult than photographing a Banquet or walk-photo shoot. Wedding photographer, when photographing the wedding-should not interfere with the guests and the clergy to hold the ceremony. Wedding photographer should be completely invisible, but at the same time should make great pictures! Almost all churches have very complex and insufficient lighting.

When photographing a wedding, I am guided by three important rules:

1. Shooting without flash. In photography, I use the most modern camera and the best lenses – it allows you to make high-quality and bright pictures without the use of flash. In my opinion, the use of flash when photographing a wedding is unacceptable.

2. Quiet photo mode. Wedding ceremony photography is done in the quiet mode of the shutter-the camera does not emit a click at the time of the picture.

3. Taking photos from a sufficient distance. Shooting is performed on long-focus lenses-it allows you to shoot medium and close-UPS from a distance of at least 4 meters.

Photo session

Wedding photo shoot this time was limited in time and took only 1 hour, approximately. But we managed to spend part of the wedding photo shoot in the evening light, at sunset! Sunset is the best time for a wedding photo shoot. View of the hills and olive groves in the sunset – what could be more beautiful!?

wedding dinner

The wedding dinner was held in Castello di Rosciano. A classic Spanish castle, a very atmospheric place. Castello di Rosciano is located on a hill and from the Windows and terraces with magnificent views. On the West side of the castle there is a terrace with views of the hill and in the evening there is a sunset. It was on this terrace we had a small photo shoot.

There were a lot of invited guests at the Banquet and I took a lot of great pictures. In total, it turned out more than 1000 finished photos for 10 hours of photography.



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