WEDDING albums

About wedding albums…

Prime Vision Studio makes wedding albums that meet the highest requirements of our customers!

Excellent print quality and durable materials! A wedding album made by us will save the emotions and warmth of the wedding day!

A wedding album could be your only tangible item to remember the most important day of your life and your wedding day is one which you’ll remember for many years to come.

All album are handcrafted, by print houses working to the highest quality standards and environmentally friendly.

The final result is a perfect balance between elegance and design.

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Wedding album pages are made on thick cardboard. 

Pages are not deformed over the years.

Printing technology

High-quality photo printing – amazing color rendering and resolution


It is very important that the wedding was very durable! The printing house that produces wedding albums for us has collected the best materials that will last a very long time.

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Wedding album’s layout 

We design the wedding album’s layout by focusing on simplicity and minimalism and to give maximum intensity to the images, you will receive by email the draft so that you can ask for any changes. It is possible to add copies of the albums/books in a smaller size, which can be given to parents or friends.