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«___» ________ 2019



This agreement is between


Bride name

(hereinafter referred as the “Client”):





Groom name:





and Gena Kulik passport: __________ hereinafter referred as the “Videographer”.


  1. The Subject of the Agreement  


1.1. Videographer undertakes to provide services for filming the wedding (hereinafter – services), and the Client undertakes to pay for the Videographer’s services.

1.2. Services are provided for the purpose of creating a wedding “Clipe”, as well as “Documentary” filmed by video equipment.



  1. The order of execution


 2.1 The date of providing of services: ________________


Ceremony location name/address: __________________



  1. Obligations


3.1. Client get edited films in a period from 3 to 6 months starting from the date of the wedding.

3.2. Client undertakes to obtain permission to shoot at the places where the services are provided.

3.3. Client is fully liable for the possible damage of video equipment while providing services caused by the Client or their guests.

3.4. Сlients have the right to provide musical compositions to the Videographer, for their use in the films, to make their suggestions on the general stylistics of the future films, and also to warn about undesirable video shots, but not later than 7 days before the wedding day. This information should be sent to the e-mail address of Videographer.

3.5. Client undertakes to provide the Videographer with a plan for the wedding day, indicating the time and name of each key episode of the wedding, as well as a brief description of the reception program, but no later than 7 days before the start of the services. This information should be sent on e-mail of the Videographer.

3.6. In the event if it’s not possible to provide drone capturing while wedding day due to bad weather conditions, Client get 50% refund of the cost of drone capturing (according to items 9.6, 9.7 of the Contract) and the second part of its cost is compensated by the regular camera capturing using the time which could be used by drone capturing.

3.7. Depending on the conditions on the market, and in accordance with his professional experience, Videographer independently chooses the manufacturer of video cameras. Videographer guarantees to the Client high-quality video equipment besides that guarantees using mics and sounds equipment enough to cover the bride, groom, minister voices and guitarist playing while ceremony.

3.8. Client provides transportation of Videographer throughout the wedding day.

3.9. In the event of countryside wedding, Client provides or compensates transfer of  Videographer from the nearest city to the wedding location and back.

3.10. In the event of the unsatisfactory state of health Videographer provides other cameraman and guarantee adequate delivery of outputs. 

3.11. Client agrees to provide a meal for Videographer were the length of attendance exceeds six hours.



  1. Booking fee and deposit


4.1. The total cost of services is 500 (five hundred) EUR.

4.2. The deposit is due on signing this agreement  ________ (_______) EUR.

4.4  The deposit must be paid in 7 working days after the signing of the contract and receiving payment request on e-mail of Client. In another case, the contract will be automatically canceled.

4.5. Client pays the final part of amount of the contract _________ (_______ ) EUR  7 days before the wedding day by bank transfer.

4.6. Client gets links for downloading «Clipe» and «Documentary». Client must download all final material during 14 days after getting the links and inform Videographer.  

4.7. The deposit made by Client is not returned to the Client.



  1. Confidentiality


5.1. Client gets video material only for personal use and has no right to use it for commercial purposes and/or to transfer commercial use rights to third persons.

5.2. Videographer has all copyright and proprietary rights to all video footage filmed on the Client’s wedding day, including the rights to use «Clipe» and «Documentary» in his own advertising or demo portfolio.

5.3. Videographer grants Client the right to reproduce the video material only for personal use. In the case of publication of Client’s video material, the Client is obliged to specify the name and website of Videographer.


  1. Quality


6.1. Videographer has the right to use equipment, software and stylistic techniques, as well as color-correction and musical accompaniment during the creation of the film on his own taste.

6.2. If Client discovers errors or defects in the films (errors in reading the files, media failure, complete or partial absence of sound, image distortion, errors in captions, sound and image shift), they have the right for correction them free while 14 days after getting of the finished material. Any additional changes made by the Client in «Clipe» or «Documentary» are paid additionally, the cost is negotiated separately, depending on the amount of work and the time for their implementation. 



  1. Circumstances of force majeure


7.1. The parties are exempted from liability to perform obligations under this Agreement if it caused by force majeure circumstances as follows:

The parties must notify each other with documented attachment within 7 days the force majeure circumstances occurred. If the force majeure circumstances occur from the side of Videographer he returns the full deposit to Client. If force majeure circumstances occur from the side of Client, Videographer returns deposit except for documented amount previously spent on transfer, accommodation and non-refundable deposits to vendors Videographer supposed to be working with. Refund must be paid during 7 days from the date of notification.



  1. Miscellaneous


8.1. This Agreement is made in two copies having equal legal force, one copy for each of the Parties.

8.2. The Parties acknowledge that the correspondence and documents related to the implementation of this contract sent by electronic communication are composed in writing form and have the force the same as the original documents. Each Party has the right to require the other Party to provide originals of documents.

8.3. All annexes to this Agreement are its integral parts.



  1.   Services

9.1 Package  – One cameraman (up to __ hours of coverage) – INCLUDED. 

9.2 The cost of each additional hour of video coverage – OPTIONAL ____ EUR.

9.3 The highlight film, duration up to 3-6 minutes, sound design and color correction. Format: H.264, Full HD – INCLUDED. 

9.4 Documentary film (duration from 20 to 30 minutes). Format: H.264, Full HD – INCLUDED. 

9.5 Clipe for Instagram (up to 1 min.)  – OPTIONAL ____ EUR 

9.6 Drone/Aerial shooting during a wedding day – OPTIONAL ____ EUR 

9.7 Drone/Aerial licensed shooting up to 4 hours (possibility of time extension) – OPTIONAL ____ EUR

9.8 All raw video and audio footages – OPTIONAL ____ EUR

9.9 Additional cameraman  (up to ____ hours) – OPTIONAL ____ EUR

9.10 Pre/Past wedding shooting (one day before or after the wedding) – OPTIONAL ____ EUR

9.11 Deposit ____ EUR

9.12 Balance to be paid 7 days before the wedding by bank transfer ____ EUR.